JBYRD is dedicated to our customers and our relationship with them. We are determined to be hands-on and accessible at all times to better serve you. JBYRD will find and procure all of your plant material needs. We organize all the freight logistics getting your plant material to your desired location when requested. JBYRD’s goal is to link landscape design professionals to the wholesale nursery industry, creating a connection between what is being specified on jobs and what is actually being grown in the fields.


We offer our clients substitutions upon request and also notify our clients if a plant on the plant list is not hardy to the area where it’s being installed. We regularly share our horticulture expertise with landscape architects and clients and are willing to support our customers with any consulting or advice they may need. And, if we don’t have the answers, we will find them!


We do several trips a year to visit our suppliers and will tag the material for any pre-booked jobs to verify product quality. We can work with you and the landscape architect on any jobs that need to be pre-tagged. We can also provide pictures for material that has been requested. We additionally visit job sites when our material is delivered to confirm our client’s  complete satisfaction.


If you have a request for a large number of a specific type of material, we may recommend you have it contract grown. This can save you money and make sure the quantities will be available at the time you need it. Our sources include several wholesale nurseries who provide this service for us and we can take care of all the logistics.